Tuesday, April 7, 2015

LOL: Here are My Fave videos of Noah Ritter (The Apparently kid)

If you know me you know I love talking to kids. Some of the most entertaining conversations I've ever had have been with people under the age of five. They say the most hilarious things. This little guy became famous after he did a spot on his local news station. His adorably cute raspy voice and use of the word apparently made his video a youtube sensation.

Soon after he was invited on The Ellen Show, and really thats where everything takes off. Ellen has little Noah as a regular on her show giving him interviews, assignments, and really cool trips! You absolutely never know whats going to come out of his mouth. I've seen these videos many times before, but last night I couldn't stop watching them and cracking up!

If you need a laugh, check out Noah's adorableness below. He's soon cute I just want to squeeze him!  I'm certain this kid has a huge future in television. The wit he has at just 4 & 5 is really incedible!

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