Monday, April 13, 2015

KayKi Speaks With MPrynt Live on Twitter With Fans!

On any given day music lovers can be found engaging in great debates about who and what they love most about certain genres, artists, and eras. One major era of significant interest to music lovers is that rich time during the 90s when groups like Jodeci, Boyz II Men, 112, Dru Hill dominated the airways. R&B groups were alive and well, and it felt amazing to listen to a group of fine men swoon about love & relationships. At some point we started to see this trend diminish and music lovers stuck wondering if we'd ever get that feeling back, then enters MPrynt.

I was first introduced to the Philly bred group made up of members- Buddha, Faheem, Rael & Tyce in an office years ago by way of a youtube video. From the very first moment I heard them I was hooked. The smooth harmonies and subtle jazz influence locked me in. There was no crazy instrumentation or production to cover any flaws.. it was just a pure, clean, and crisp sound. A group of men, all incredibly musical, all talented, all cuties... could this really be happening?! The return of the male r&b group!??? I was geeked to say the least. Since then I have watched their career build to this point, and now lots and lots of people know the name MPrynt.

They now have the ladies screaming their names and playing their songs about love and relationships just like the groups before them. They honor the legacy of those groups by covering a few classics here and there. While they love singing the songs of the groups that came before them, their sound cannot be mistaken. Their latest offering, an EP called What if Later Never Comes is that sound solidified. The EP blends all four of the fellas' voices to perfection..allowing you to really get a feel for what MPrynt is about. They are literally combustion of harmony, emotion, and pure skill. Their ranges and smooth tones are a perfect marriage when they sing together.

While jamming their EP last night I got the chance to chat with them on twitter with the help of some of their fans! You can check out our entire conversation below!

**The fellas used their initials to identify themselves at the end of their tweets.

          (@MPrynt) @KayKiSpeaks its dope that our music is being respected all over - RM

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