Friday, April 17, 2015

Chris Brown Posts First Photos of his Daughter Royalty!

Weeks ago it was made known to the public that Chris Brown may just be a dad. Reactions came from everywhere via social media. The biggest reaction was mostly surprise that the baby wasn't by his girlfriend at the time. Little was known about the 9 month old baby girl or her mother. All we knew was that her name was Royalty and Chris Brown was allegedly her dad.

While Chris never responded to the story publicly, we immediately started to see Royalty and her mom pop up on tour with him. This led people like me to believe there was some validity to the claims, but I wanted to give Chris a moment to introduce his daughter to us before I posted. Photos of Royalty and her mom entering and exiting his tour bus were all over the nets. Photos of the inside of his bus emerged showing his once pimped out/bachelor pad of a tour bus starting to become baby proof...with bottles and toys.. all for Royalty.

Fans created pages dedicated to the adorable and charismatic little lady, but Chris still hadn't made any public announcement of his own. It's sort of sad that this sort of blessing couldn't have been shared in his time, but thats the way his life is set up. After a bit of a wait, Chris took to his Instagram page yesterday to show off who I'd like to think is the greatest blessing of his life, his babygirl Royalty. He posted the above photo with the caption, "God has blessed me with my twin #ROYALTY" followed by the below photo.

She's just too cute. We wish their new relationship the best. It should be a blessing for both of them. She's here now, and Chris has nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe she didn't get here under the perfect circumstances, but he should still be able to bask in the awesomeness of having such a gift. Oh hi Royalty!!!! Babies are blessings!

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  1. she is cute but i feel so sorry for karruchee. i hope chris a good dad.