Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Positivity: Maroon 5 Has the Sweetest Reaction when meeting their biggest fan a 10 yr old Christopher Warner who has down syndrome

I have a huge place in my heart for people with special needs. Growing up, my mom and her friend Aunt Barb would take me and my siblings to homes that cared for special needs people and we would have to sing carols to them. Doing this at an early age helped me to look at them differently than most of my peers did. I came to see them as people, usually extremely sweet, fun loving, and optimistic.

Maroon 5 is a group I've loved for years. Their album Songs About Jane is literally in my top 10 fave cd's of all time. Considering my heart for both parties involved in this adorable story and the positive light it sheds on so many levels- I just had to blog it.

Meet Christopher Warner, a young man who is such a ball to be around. Watching this video it is evident that Chris knows how to have a good time. Chris is a die hard Maroon 5 fan. You know.. the screaming, singing in fake microphones, referencing everything back to the group, knowing every single fact about them kinda fan.. sorta like many of you are about other artists. Christopher is full of energy and loves to enjoy his life, even though he has down syndrome.

Chris' parents and teachers use Maroon 5 as a way to encourage positive behaviors with Chris. He will do his school work and such just to be able to have a jam session with his favorite band. His teacher Avery Stanert created the video you see below and it went viral. A local radio station Hot 99.5's the Kane Show picked it up and got in contact with the band.

Chris, his mom, and teachers all got backstage passes to meet Chris' faves. Once Adam walked in Chris was a little overwhelmed and had a panic attack. He crouched down on the floor he was so anxious. The beautiful part of this story was the way the guys of Maroon 5 responded. Instead of just standing there, they followed the lead of Chris' mom and got on the floor with him to make him  more comfortable. Someone captured the moment in the photo below.

Man this warmed my heart something serious. God bless Adam and the whole band for the positive impact they have on Christopher. S/o to all of the special education teachers, the Kane Show, and Christopher for this story!

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