Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Video: Jill Scott- 'You Don't Know'

Jill Scott is what I like to call Motha Bae. There has always been something so alluring and beautiful about the Poet/Singer/Actress. Everybody loves Jill. We've been not so patiently waiting on new music from the songbird and it looks like we finally got our wish in the release of this new song/video- You Don't Know!

Jill announced the release of her latest "offering' via twitter and we all jumped on it. The heartfelt song and video gives you the real about how strong & tough real love can be. Jill shows off her acting chops as well as her singing chops in the performance video. You can check it out below and stay tuned for her 5th album coming soon hopefully!

Shouts out to ?uest Love on the beats!

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