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KayKi Speaks With India Shawn in Live Twitterview

India Shawn is becoming a name music lovers around the world are passing around. It's not just the fact that her voice is angelic and smokey some how at the same time, but it's also this unrepressed energy and light that exudes from the singer. I've been a fan for years, sort of in the background just watching her career blossom petal by petal into something beautiful. For some India is new news even though she's written for some of your favorite artists (Bassline by Chris Brown is one of my faves). I wanted to give her longtime fans and new found fans the opportunity to get to know her a bit.

 We decided to do another Twitterview and give fans the opportunity to participate. I like these because they're informal, relaxed, and directly from the source. What struck me with India's twitterview is the amount of love she got from fellow artists. I witnessed this at a recent show of hers as well. She practically brought out every artistic being in the city. So, what is it about India that produces that draw? Who is she? What makes her the artist she is today? What can we expect from her?

India answered all of that and some in our twitterview, you can check it out below!
KayKi: It's time!!! #IndiaShawn #IndiaSpeaks!!! Live Twitterview!
First off thanks for taking the time to chat with me today @IndiaShawn! 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks My pleasure!!
KayKi: @IndiaShawn now,  we've been following your career for quite a while. For those who haven't give us a little history on your journey so far. 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks In 140 characters?! Ok.. Here we go! Started singing in church, moved to Atl at 15, started recording and performing then started writing and formed a team called Full Circle. We signed a publishing deal with Polow Da Don & UMPG. Wrote for a ton of artists including Monica, Chris Brown, Lloyd,  & El Debarge. Then in 2012 I put together my first solo album ORIGIN..Now here we are today in the Outer Limits celebrating the release of my collaborative EP w/ songwriter James Fauntleroy!
 KayKi: Ha! You did it!! Your journey has been crazy. Have you always known you'd be a singer? Who were some of your early inspirations? @IndiaShawn 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks I had dreams of being a doctor earlier on, but I've always loved to sing! I've always felt it was my purpose.I grew up really loving Mariah Carey, Babyface, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Faith Evans, Destiny's Child, & Sade. :) 
KayKi: @IndiaShawn Love it! This would explain your incredible musicality. All of those folks are great! I think we have our first question & it’s from another artist! RT @JayMcSwain @KayKiSpeaks What inspires you to make the great music that you do?? #IndiaSpeaks 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks @JayMcSwain As generic as this sounds.. LIFE inspires me.. Real life experiences: love, pain, doubt, happiness, & love again lol
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn @JayMcSwain I don't think that’s generic at all! Thats why the music reaches people like it does! Great question Jay!1 thing I noticed & this is evident in the questions being submitted today is you have sooo much love from other artists @IndiaShawn. 
 India Shawn: ·@KayKiSpeaks Yes! I feel like most of my fans are aspiring artists, writers, and producers.
 KayKi: Tweeting of artists.. Let's get Joy's question in. This is always a fun one! I've heard of some interesting rituals. RT @jOyFul_SiNgS Do you have any unique rituals that you do before you go into the studio?
 India Shawn: · @KayKiSpeaks @jOyFul_SiNgS Lol Hey, Joy! Nothing too crazy. Maybe a few jumping jacks and some hot water with honey. Now tell me yours!
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn @jOyFul_SiNgS Haha! Jumping Jacks and honey water aren't too bad at all... lol. When it comes to shows are you usually anxious before them? Your latest show here for the #OuterLimitsEP release was everything. You seemed calm cool & collected. 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks Literally b4 every show I'm like, “why the hell did I sign up for this?!" Lol.. But after the first note I remember I can sing. Lol I was freaking out before the release show! I had to hold my breath just to get my heart rate down lol
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn I literally just laughed out loud. Tweeting of shows.. The support & love for you is real!! Are you ever shocked by it?  
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks It's so real, and it's growing daily! I wouldn't say I'm shocked because I've been at it for 10 yrs! I'm just GRATEFUL.
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn it has to feel amazing. I found out an old friend of mine is a huge fan and it made me smile. You're reaching more people daily. 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks Thanks to people like you who give me a platform to share my story and music!
 KayKi: I'm a fan tbh lol. Now here's a really good question from another artist! @IndiaShawn RT @THEWHATLEY which should come first the, words or the music?
 India Shawn:@KayKiSpeaks @THEWHATLEY It's all about preference! I think people should experiment w/ different methods rather than sticking to a formula...unless you're R. Kelly lol. 
 KayKi:· Lolol! Great answer! Since we're on the creative process...I'm jamming the #OuterLimitsEP now..What was your five part of creating this project? @IndiaShawn 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks The coolest part was just being awestruck by everything @fauntleroy did.
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn @fauntleroy I bet. I'm a huge fan of his as well, so when I heard yall were teaming up I freaked! How did that come about?
 India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks We've been friends since MySpace was poppin. 'Neither Do We' from Origin was our first real collab. People wanted more!
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn yes! I was one of those people! lol Do u grow more confident the more u record? Was this process more comfy than Origin's?
 India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks Origin took a year; Outer Limits took a couple weeks lol. Confidence is certainly a factor, but you learn to make the art and then put it out. That's the point. Perfection is impossible. Gotta keep creating!
KayKi: @IndiaShawn that is such good advice!!!! I appreciate whatever time spent on your EPs because they're among my fave things to listen to. Do you have a favorite track on #OuterLimitsEP? Mine switches up daily. Lol 
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks Ummm.. Can't decide between 'More or Less' and 'Mermaid Song'.
 KayKi: I dig both of those! We have a few more questions in my mentions, so I want to get to these before we finish up. Jay has another one. @IndiaShawn RT @JayMcSwain @KayKiSpeaks Who is your all time favorite artist? #IndiaSpeaks 
India Shawn:  @KayKiSpeaks @JayMcSwain That's so hard. I'm just gonna say Stevie. (But I don't have an answer for that in real life) lol
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn Stevie is everything!!!!!! You released the #WonderfulEP recently in his honor & it jams. What is your favorite Stevie song?
 India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks You & I ! :) Somebody has to sing that at my wedding. 
 KayKi: & I'm sure you'll find somebody to do that! I always love to ask this question in interviews, who is @IndiaShawn listening to? What present day artist do u dig?
India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks My friends just put me onto this girl Rukhsana Merrise. She's pretty incredible. Been on her soundcloud lately.
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn so you know all music lovers watching this interview about literally about to run & check her out. Lol 
India Shawn:  @KayKiSpeaks I hope so!
 KayKi: @IndiaShawn I really appreciate your time today! Before you go I was recently asked if you'd be touring soon. What can fans expect in 2015?
 India Shawn: That's all I've been praying for! Must tour this yr. I have some LA & NY dates coming soon. I'll post on  
KayKi: @IndiaShawn yes! yes! One thing is sure, the people are wanting to see and hear more of you! Im so happy to have been watching this unfold! thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Truly appreciate it & you know we'll be looking out for more from you!
 India Shawn: @KayKiSpeaks Thank you so much for consistently sharing your love and good energy! You da real MVP! lol
KayKi : Aww! My pleasure!
KayKi: Thank you to everyone who participated in our live Twitterview with #IndiaShawn! OuterLimitsEP … Be sure to check  for the full transcript Monday! #OuterLimitsEP is available on  Love. Love 
KayKi: Way fun! RT @IndiaShawn: Just wrapped up my first Twitterview with @KayKiSpeaks ! That was cool.

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