Tuesday, March 24, 2015

J. Cole Plays A House Slave in New Video- G.O.M.D.

J. Cole has come through with a pretty incredible visual for his single, G.O.M.D. The new video takes place on a plantation where Cole is in character as a house slave. It's a pressing storyline because it's so obviously close to the history we as blacks have in this country. In the video, J. Cole is not loved by the other slaves on the plantation mainly because they see him as better than them.

They soon come to realize with his help that though his life seems a little glorified, their plight for freedom is the same. Cole ends up being the key to an uprising on the plantation that allows for the slaves to be victorious over their masters.

 It's really dope how this story line can translate into real life for Cole and for so many of us. We're focusing in on little things that make our struggles unique, instead of realizing the common ground and power we have together.

Check out J. Cole's visual below. You can always count on him to give you the real. So dig this guy.

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