Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Release Day India Shawn + James Fauntleroy! The Outer Limits EP is HERE!

I'm always bragging on twitter about how excited I am to know such talented & awesome people! Today we want to send warm lovin to one of our absolute favorite artists (whether I know her or not) India Shawn! We blog about her all of the time, so she's no stranger to you guys. Today is release day for her highly anticipated collaboration with singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy the Outer Limits EP. This is the perfect marriage!

I checked the EP out early, and I honestly have been jamming it non stop. Talk about consistency and growth at the same time. Both India and Fauntleroy have unique styles and approaches. You know their sound if youre a fan. Sometimes when artists are in their lane so strongly, you can get bored of the same old sound- not with India, and definitely not with Fauntleroy.

Fans will love this grooved and mellowed out EP. Some standouts for me are One Sun which tells a story I'm sure many of us identify with. Mermaid Song is also a familiar story and incredibly easy on the ears. I really dig Floating Away  as well as the title track Outer Limits!

I'm sure you music lovers will get this EP and get all the way into these jams. With these new amazing opportunities coming her way and her career growing to the heights its always been destined to reach, we're super excited to have been long time supporters of this incredible gift to music. It is available today with some pretty cool packages on!

Stay tuned guys because we have something up our sleeves that I'm sure you India Shawn & James Fauntleroy fans will love! Happy release day India!!! Check out the brand new visual for 'Floating Away' below!!


  1. kay i love when u post ur artist u should kno stuff. u put me on to so many diff people. thnx

  2. This is my new bae Kay. I love her music I just read all your posts about her on here. LOL