Monday, March 2, 2015

Brownstone Songs We all Love! RILove Maxee!

Music lovers around the world are mourning the loss of one of the founding members of the 90s group Brownstone. Loved for their impeccable harmonies and true r&b jams, Brownstone was a part of the legendary era in the 90s when radio was everything! The Grammy nominated group was signed to Michael Jackson's MJJ label.

Charmayne "Maxee" Maxwell died this past weekend as a result of a mysterious injury from a fall. Details have not yet been released, but her brother took to his twitter account to say that the rumors of an alleged suicide are not true. Fans, other celebs, and family members alike shared his grief publicly on their personal social media accounts.

Maxee was loved by many for her bright spirit and beautiful voice! In honor of her life, I thought I should post the jams she helped give us. Maxee is survived by a host of loved ones including a little boy and her husband producer Carsten Soulshock Schack.

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