Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#RihYe Continues - Are Kanye and Rihanna Plotting a Tour!?

Yall remember the beautiful Diamond Ball Rihanna hosted for her foundation? During the ball the guests were entertained and got a chance to participate in a live auction. Word got out that night that some really cool VIP passes to a Kanye West tour were part of the cool things up for grab. This definitely made folks start to wonder.. why would Rihanna have Kanye tickets at her event?

Well the two have since been on a cute little promo run together. They were spotted in and out of the studio, at photo shoots and meetings together, and then Kanye let the cat out of the bag during a small speech at the iHeart event. He played a snippet of the jam we now know to be Four Five Seconds which features him, Rih, and Paul McCartney on acoustic.

The two have already performed the country rock/pop record at a pre Super Bowl event this past weekend. Now all of this running around together and promo wouldn't be for nothing right?! Two of the most known artists in music and fashion don't have that time to waste. While we were all speculating about just what Kanye and Rihanna are up to, the above image was leaked to the masses.

Yep! It appears that the two artists are going on tour together this year! Rihanna has mentioned many times that her Roc family Kanye is like a big brother to her, and they have collaborated so many times. This tour is going to be super fun. You guys know I'm already thinking about he possibility of Jay popping up somewhere- because you know thats going to happen!

While the excitement for this tour is booming, fans are also hype that the visual for Four Five Seconds is out. Check it out below, and get your coins together for a Rihye tour!

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