Monday, February 9, 2015

Performance & Photo Highlights of the 2015 Grammy Awards (Pics and Video)

The Grammy Awards is the biggest night in music, and therefore also a huge night in fashion. Fans hold the awards show at a certain expectation. It has to be at least entertaining. Based upon the general consensus of folks on social media last night, the show missed that bar this year. There were a few highlights, and I think we have them here for you.

 It was an incredible night for Sam Smith who took home 4 Grammys! When he won one of the awards, he admitted that he struggled accepting himself for who he is, but once he did that everything sort of fell into place for him. He also thanked his ex for breaking his heart, because it won him 4 Grammys!  Another highlight of the night came by way of the Hozier performance with Annie Lennox. She basically owned the stage and brought the night's energy way up after it got off to a slow start.

Usher did an amazing tribute to Stevie Wonder during the show. A pretty flawless rendition of Stevie's If It's Magic. Another performance I loved was Gaga and Tony Bennett!

A bit further into the show Rihanna, Kanye, and Paul McCartney had the best performance of the night with their new hit record, Four Five Seconds. The performance was wonderful not only because it was obvious that the crowd knew and loved the song, but also because Rihanna delivered the best vocal performance many folks have ever heard from her. She killed it! Rihanna also took home another Grammy for her work with Eminem on Monster. Kanye also anounced last night that he is executive producer of Rihanna's new album! Still no release date though.

Another big winner/performer from the night was Beyonce of course. She took home a few awards for her record with hubby Jay Z. One of my first boyfriend's kid brother actually co-produced Drunk in Love, so last night was big for my little hometown of Bloomington, IL as well. S/o to Rasool Diaz and the Order!!! She also hit the stage later in the night in a controversial performance of the old hymn Precious Lord. It was considered controversial mainly because the same song was featured in the new motion picture Selma but it was sang by r&b artist Ledisi. People felt that if anyone shouldve been singing it as a moment of tribute and remembrance of civil rights at the Grammys it shouldve been Ledisi.

Can I get on my soapbox real quick?

I personally would've preferred that be Ledisi up there in that moment for many reasons, but it wasn't it was Beyonce. I'm disturbed by all of the church goers bashing her for not ministering the song how they wanted it done. I've also seen people say she doesn't know anything about calling out to God like that- therefore she couldn't sing it with conviction. Excuse me? This whole story about Bey and other artists not knowing who God is is a little played at this point. I'm sure she's had to call on God and even if you didn't "feel" anything, I'm sure that song did minister to her and possibly millions of other people who have never heard it.

The reality is a lot of what folks are "feeling" in church these days isn't even anything holy, or anointed, it's just a good rift or growl. She's Beyonce. She's a professional performer, and this whole big production thing is what she knows to do. I felt like she pulled this from her soul. I think churchy people just need a reason to not have liked Beyonce singing Precious Lord.  I believe she delivered a beautiful rendition of the hymn. We don't know what it took for her to stand up there and sing such a personal song, and all yall can think about is you weren't ministered to.. maybe just maybe her performance wasn't about you.

 After Beyonce, Common and John Legend closed the show with Glory.

There were also some randomly cute moments like Rih chatting it up with Princess Blue Ivy and Kanye West chatting it up with Taylor Swift! You can see some of the performance videos below plus more photos from the night. For a full list of winners visit The Grammys website by clicking here..

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  1. I was so impress with Rhianna last night. She has came a long way.