Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yoga PhD: Make 2015 The Year of No Comfort Zone

For the past two years, I have had a vision board/ ugly Christmas sweater party at my house. I love the opportunity to gather women together to converse about the positive things that are going on in our lives, provide encouragement for one another when we are struggling, and most of all make plans about the next big move the spirit has in store for us. Something in my spirit told me that this year would be different. I know it's crazy, but I dream about things before they happen a lot. I would have dreams about lessons I would teach in my class, wake up the next day, and teach it the same way. I am not sure if this happens when I'm passionate about something of if it is real life foreshadowing from the spirit above. However, I knew this vision board party would be different.

I normally invite women I know. My house is somewhat large so there is room for others but this time, my friends asked if they could bring their friends. And I said yes! But I didn't know what vibe that would bring to my home. The spirit just kept edging me to pray before it started. So of course every single person was not on time but my Spelman sister Jocelyn Marcus prayed us in--in a nut she set the atmosphere.

There were women at the party that had never met each other let alone created a vision board to set goals for the upcoming year, but we all fellowshipped together. At the end of the party many of the ladies talked about how they were uncomfortable creating their vision board or coming to the party in general but they had major breakthroughs.

I am convinced that breakthroughs only happen when you are uncomfortable. Take some time to let that marinate.

The spirit has erased every piece of comfort I ever thought I had. Lost friends of 20+ years that I thought I couldn't live without. Allowed me to get into a doctoral program that I never thought I was worthy of, while being the "other." Marrying my best friend that lives in another state, so that means uprooting my life that I have built for the last 6 years. And becoming a step mommy. New internships I knew absolutely nothing about the field. Oh and let me not forget that I decided to get certified to become a yoga sculpt teacher through core power yoga, where again I was the other.

But through all of my lack of comfort, the spirit is growing a beautiful lotus flower. I am growing so beautifully through the mud and clay, but I'm excited for the future. I dare you to allow the spirit to take you out of your comfort zone as we approach the year 2015. You know that thing that burns inside of you that you are so scared to go after because it will shake up your entire world? Yes, that thing. Some times we have to be uncomfortable to really experience greatness. Remember that anything that is not growing is dead. If your comfortable and not growing, then....Namaste.


  1. What you're doing is needed sis! Wellness in communities of color lacks greatly, especially with our women...thinking it's our job to be everything to all folks, all the time; often neglecting self to perfect others. Truth be told...we need help too :) Thanks for getting the fire started Kish! Whoot whoot #2015eachoneteachone

  2. Thank you Kisha for sharing this! This has truly motivated me today and will continue to do so well into my entire life. You were absolutely right when you said "Some times we have to be uncomfortable to really experience greatness". I will keep your words in mind as I am on my journey this year and am faced with feelings of fear, intimidation and discomfort. :)