Monday, January 19, 2015

Nicki Minaj & MTV - 'My Time Now' Docu Made Me Tear a Bit (Watch in Full)

Nicki Minaj is arguably one of the most known names in rap and pop music. Last night, MTV shared with the world a bit more than music and funky style game. The documentary allowed fans and critics alike to get to know the person behind the character Nicki Minaj.

She takes us back to her home neighborhood, around her family, and she opens up about the cost of fame when it comes to people you love. She cries a bit, laughs a bit, and is very clearly an animated person naturally. Nicki also touches on some of her most controversial moments, like her big wardrobe malfunction on MTV.She also touched on her love life which has been news recently. Nicki is in the studio on the docu working on The Pink Print- her latest (and if you ask me- best) album.

Overall the documentary is a tear jerker for me- a person who has watched her career from the beginning. She's been incredibly blessed, and she's incredibly talented. She's a real spitter as she explains in the docu. We haven't seen this level of success among women in the rap business, but Nicki is different. She's like the climactic culmination of all of the dope female rappers before her.. and that combination makes her a problem for men and women alike.

See the full docu below!

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