Monday, January 26, 2015

Matt Kemp Talks to Larry King About Being Traded By the Dodgers + His Love For Rihanna

Matt Kemp is almost synonymous with the LA Dodgers, so when he was traded in December to the San Diego Padres it came as a huge surprise!

The gorgeous baseball player sat down  and spoke with Larry King about his new team and his personal life.To sum some things up..

On being traded:

"I found out on twitter. My uncle called me because it was all over twitter."

On the Dodgers:

"I thought I'd be a Dodger for life, but there are no hard feelings."

What job he'd like to have for a day:

"I'd like to have your job Larry."

On dating Rihanna and being single now:

"I love her. She's a great person.We had our time. She's very successful, very hard working, she's on her grind."
"I'm single. Straight single. I think everybody wants to have somebody in their life. I'm 30 now. I gotta pick up the pace.I live in a big ol' house by myself."

As for what shows he likes:
"House of Cards and anything with Denzel Washington."

If you're a longtime fan of Matt Kemp a lot of this interview is stuff you already know, but it's great to hear him speak about his trade as it was such a surprise to everybody. It's also just great to look at him. My Goodness he's gorgeous! I mean.. I really only posted this to look at him. lololol! Wishing him the best of luck with his new home team.

Watch the full interview below.