Friday, January 9, 2015

11 yr. old Sophia Grace Releases Super Dope New Video/Song- Best Friends

Sophia Grace stole hearts a few years ago as half of a cute duo "Sophia Grace and Rosie". They took over the internet and television with their cute outfits and really solid musical covers of artists aged way beyond their little years!

Sophia Grace was always the vocal standout while Rosie had the moves. So, it's no surprise really that Sophia just debuted her on music video. The little 11 yr old is talented. Her voice and delivery are better than many half her age, and dare I say it I am jamming to her new song!

The song- Best Friends is a pop/rap song where Sophia sings about her girls and how much she loves being around them. The song is well done and the video is well done. Most importantly it's a cute little record for girls Sophia's age. This little one is about to be the talk of elementary school!

Check out Sophia Grace's debut video for her jam Best Friends, this is my song!

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