Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jay Z Helps Organize To Get Athletes "I Cant Breathe" Shirts + Jayonce Meets The Royals

Yesterdays Cavs vs. Nets game was super cool for a couple of reasons. For starters Jay Z and the athletes used their platform to get behind the social movements for justice. The hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe have been circulating the Internets for days now following the murders of unarmed black men and women at the hands of "police". We've been following a few of the stories. Mainstream celebrities like Jay Z are always scrutinized by people who feel like they don't take a stand and get involved. Last night Jay Z posed with a few athletes pregame wearing black I Cant Breathe shirts, but of course this wasnt enough.

People on social media attacked Jay for not actually having one on. A source close to Jay Z - his friend and long time business associate Dream Hampton took to her twitter account to clear the air. People felt like Jay shouldve actually been in a shirt. Well, turns out Jay Z and some of the organizers over at NY Justice League with the help of Dream and at the request of Garnett are the reason the shirts were there anyway. Here's what Dream had to say

As you can see in the below photos- Jay is way smaller in stature than the ball players, and unfortunately in the last minuten rush to find the shirts for the players, they didn't count him. As Dream noted..those shirts wouldve been dresses on him. It's good to know he actually had a hand in the players getting and wearing the shirts. Also- super great job on the part of everyone involved. As I've said a billion times before- get out and do something about this issue yourself. Don't sit home on the sidelines and gauge how much or little someone else is doing- especially without knowing for sure.

Adding to the games cool factor-Jay Z and Beyonce met another power couple, Prince William and wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The power couples both were super cute. Jayonce sat across the floor on the opposite side of the Prince and Duchess, but made their way across the basketball court to shake hands with the royals. The royal family is currently here in America for business and pleasure.

The couples seemed to be really intrigued by one another as you'd expect. This is practically royalty meeting royalty by most terms. Jay Z and Beyonce are undoubtedly the most powerful couple in the music industry, and it's no secret that Prince William is a Jay Z fan. So, it's safe to say that the Prince and Duchess were just as excited to meet the Carters as the Carters were to meet them. The photos though they aren't very clear because of the googabs of papz floating around are cute.

 Check out photos from last nights game of the athletes in their tshirts, some cute moments shared by Jay and Bey, and of course.. the moment royals met the royals.

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