Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hot 107.9 Quickies! Lil Wayne Wants Out of Cash Money + Chris Brown & Karrueche Split ...again

While we've heard talk of Cash Money records mishandling their artists and their artists' money before, I doubt that any of us ever thought it would be Wayne speaking on it. This week rapper Lil Wayne- who by all means has carried Cash Money on his back took to his personal twitter account to share with fans the real reason his highly anticipated Carter V album has yet to be released.

As you see, according to Wayne he's being held hostage by Baby and CM, and along with the woes of his album being held up- he's also claiming to want out of the label. We all know the industry can be a little grimy, but Wayne and Cash Money are beyond industry at this point- it's always been understood that they are family.

Some people think that this is a publicity stunt to boost sales, and some are riding hard with Wayne. His daughter Reginae took to her twitter account yesterday to just imply that her dad is ok, and he's not a quitter. She's certain that he'll come out of this fine. Folks over at CM are brushing this off saying that everything is cool, meanwhile Wayne is actually on stage saying that he's really in a messed up situation:

Wayne is still one of the greatest to do this rap thing at the end of the day. I don't think Cash Money would play these types of games with such a talent on their hands.. but again.. you never know!

***In other news Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche have called it quits again. I've grown so tired of this saga that I haven't even blogged about it in a while. I'm still lost for words, but here are some of their exchanges from tonight.

Chris announced he was single last night after a slew of skeptical tweets this week:

Then Karrueche hits her twitter saying that men get in their feelings when you break up with them. Shortly after Chris Brown posts this to his IG:

& Karrueche hit her IG with this reflective post:

These two are annoying to say the least, but it does suck to have to play all of this out over social media. Publicity stunt or not, it's rather foolish. They're together all over social media, but Chris often says he wants his fans to focus only on his music. That's hard to believe when this kind of stuff is blasted for everybody to see. We all use twitter and IG to vent every now and then, but to this extent is a bit much. Definitely wishing them the best in their personal lives and professional lives, but something tells me this isn't what it seems at all. If you're interested-stay tuned for the next episode of Chrae..even though per her twitter account-Karrueche promises she's done...

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