Friday, November 21, 2014

New Video: Beyonce- '7/11'

Yonce is full of surprises lately. This week two of her unreleased records "leaked" to the internets. Fans went crazy over the fun & ratchet "7/11" song as well as one where Beyonce apparently sings to her mom about divorcing her dad - a song titled "Ring Off". Both songs are set to be on the rerelease of Bey's self titled album that she sprung on us.

Now in another sneak surprise Bey has dropped this super goofy & fun homemade video for "7/11".. Shot by a phone camera we get to see a very playful side of the music industry vet as she dances around in her undies & plays dress up with her dancers. It's so great to see that Beyonce doesn't take herself seriously all of the time, she is really having a ball!

 Check Bey's homemade video for "7/11" below! 

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