Saturday, November 29, 2014

Halle Berry Takes Ex Gabriel to Court for Straightening & Dyeing 6 yr old Nahla's Hair

Todays media culture LOVES the dismantling of romantic celeb relationships. We praise them until they collapse and then we indulge in their demise. Halle's separation from model Gabriel has been a spectacle for media attention mainly because caught at the center of this is their darling little girl- Nahla. The relationship has been of little interest to me, until now.

Halle and Gabriel have been in an all out war regarding custody of their 6 yr old little girl. In the latest reports Halle took Gabriel to court recently for allegedly straightening Nahla's hair. Court reports suggest that Gabriel not only straightens Nahla's hair, but he also has put highlights in it. I'm not sure how accurate those accusations are being that her hair type could easily be sun bleached, but the whole thing is pretty pathetic.

The judge ruled that neither Halle nor Gabriel are able to alter the state of Nahla's natural hair. Ridiculous that a judge even has to step in to say anything like that. Nahla is six, and this is the time to teach her how beautiful she is. Mixed children often have a hard time with self identity as they grow through childhood-teen years. She needs parents who will affirm how gorgeous and wonderful she is just as she is, not ones ready to make her more white or more black or anything other than Nahla.

I hope they can get it together for the sake of their baby girl. She's caught in a whirlwind right now. See photos of Nahla and her gorgeous locks below!

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