Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiny Confirms She Changed Her Eye Color- Would You Ever Do It?

Last week there was a buzz on the internets that singer/writer & business woman Tameka Tiny Harris (also TI's wife) had posted a photo on instagram claiming to have permanently changed her eye color. At first sight, I assumed it was just another random photo shopped photo floating around twitter, because obviously that’s a popular occurrence.
Come to find out, Tiny really did change her eye color from brown to an icy grey. Apparently, she visited a specialist, Dr. Montasser Menif who performed a technique/implant called Brightocular that has permanently given Tiny grey eyes. This type of cosmetic work is becoming more and more popular. Tiny definitely isn't the first to do this, but she's probably the most famous.

Of course she caught a whole heap of backlash on the internets about her decision. Some people love it, some hate it, and some (like me) really don't care. After all, those are Tiny's eyes on her own face. If she'd like to seal them shut.. that's her business. I do think it's sorta scary to think about, but to me so are butt and boob implants. I like the finished product, they don't really look bad on her at all.. they just look.. different. I feel like people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies- as long as they aren't harming them. From my bit of research this implant is safe and I'm sure Tiny researched more than I did!

According to Tiny, she has perfect vision with her implants, which is great news considering wearing color contacts before for her created blurry vision and irritation. Tiny has responded a little to some of the feedback, telling a fan on twitter that she didn't delete her IG post because of haters.. she doesn't care what they think about her. BLOOOP!

Would you change your eye color?

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