Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Share 2 Inspire: Inspired by TDE's SZA

Sometimes we all just need a moment to reflect and music has always been a way for me to escape. Certain artists have the ability to create music that inspires me to just travel with my thoughts. Erykah Badu, India Arie and Jill Scott to name a few but lately, TDE Recording Artist SZA has been taking me to another place with her recent EP release, Z.

Her music is nothing like anything I have ever heard and when  I listen, I feel like I'm dancing on mars and the airy tone of her voice is carrying me to the tip of the universe. SZA's musical sound is very eccentric yet simultaneously powerful and calming. Songs like Child's Play feat. Chance the Rapper display SZA's ability to use clever wordplay by meshing nostalgic childhood memories with romantic relations. While Babylon feat. Kendrick Lamar (one of my favorites!) speaks on regrettable situations and moments of self loathe. 

Becoming the first female artist to belong to the TDE Label has shown that she can hold her own among her fellow label mates Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Isaiah Rashad. Aside from that, I respect and admire anyone who declares their own lane and doesn't allow the industry to determine who they are or what music they will make. I also respect and admire trend setters and her comfy chic style is utterly cute! Her appearance portrays that she is comfortable in her own skin which is very inspiring.

It's also refreshing considering the overwhelming amount of music artists and celebrities who constantly pursue perfection. I love that SZA is very self aware and just wants to spread good energy and honesty through her music. Not only does SZA make great music but her gorgeous coils and freckles (I like to call them beauty marks!) inspire me to embrace my natural beauty as well. Overall, I am completely inspired by SZA's authenticity and vulnerability. I'm certain that her fan base will multiply and I look forward to watching her mature as an artist.

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