Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Patience Tested...Yoga Improved

The year I started my doctoral program, I was still a full time 12th grade AP English teacher. I didn't realize just how much patience I didn't have until, one day I asked my students to pass up papers. The students began to pass the papers toward my desk. Not even a second later, I said pass up the papers. Then one more second passed, and I said it again. If you know 12th grade students, one of my kids said: Ms. Woods, chill! We are passing the papers up.

This is one of many stories where I didn't have patience, especially the first year as a doctoral student. But it really became even more apparent when I started doing yoga. When I started, I was working out at the gym. Although I love yoga, I love intense workout classes, such as Extreme Fitness and Turbokick;  Shout out to Vinelle and  Monique for teaching me to dig deep in everything that I do. Back to the story, when I started yoga, I found myself rolling my eyes at the tv while doing yoga with Adrienne Reid (Power Yoga: Mind & Body)...remember I told you about this! It comes on the Howard channel in the morning. Check it out if you are in the DC/MD/VA area or buy her DVD's. 

I would get mad because the poses were so slow and methodical. Did this lady not know that I didn't have time for anything slow!!! I had so many papers to grade, not to mention all of the articles and books I had to read to craft my own work in the doctoral program.  I would yell at the tv: How long are we going to hold this pose mam! Move on! When I am at the gym we are on 100 in our classes, and yoga made me go from 100 to 0, real slow quick. Anyone who knows, me knows that my life is always on 100! KayKi used to call me a crackhead when we were at Spelman because I was always doing something, thinking, involved in something, working, at the same dag on time! 

Well, thank goodness for yoga! It has slowed me all the way down. I have no choice but to be patient in yoga. You have to be patient to involve yourself in your practice. You have to be patient with the process in understanding that you won't always get the complex poses the first time, or that each move is strategic. The patience allows you connect with your inner most self and peace, but most importantly connect with the source. When you are quiet and patient, you can hear that small still voice. 

Even after almost a year of incorporating inversions in my practice, the scorpion pose also known as Vrischikasana still tests my patience. But the more I become patient with myself and the journey. Check out my scorpion over the last year. 

Scorpion Pose: February 10, 2014 

April 26, 2014

September 24, 2014 

I really want my toes to touch my head, but it comes with patience and time. I hope that you will be patient with me as I try to capture my journey through yoga. I hope you will become patient with your journey as you begin yoga or continue in your practice. Remember that patience builds character! Who knew yoga could help us improve our patience, which will in turn build our character.

Once you become more patient with your practice, you will look up one day and you will start a yoga session, and end two hours later! 

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