Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Music: Thoughts on Joe Buddens OLS4 (explicit)?

Music in any form has always been about expression, feeling, emoting.. Some rappers are better story tellers because they better express themselves in their lyrics. It's honorable in today's music scene to have a rapper who will be open and express their sensitive side vs rap about clubs, money, hoes, things that don't mean anything in the end.

Joe Budden is one of those rappers who is at his best and his worst when he's rapping from his gut, about his truest feelings. He's been in an on and off again relationship with vixen Tahiry Jose for years. It was highlighted on Love & Hip Hop for a few seasons. Many viewers tuned in just to watch them. Their relationship felt the realest, and the most genuine. I actually emoted with them. When Tahiry was sad/borderline crying I felt for her. When Joe couldn't get her to listen, I felt for him. They felt real.

Since the show, both have moved on or whatever. More recently Tahiry has been spotted out with LeSean McCoy, and rumored to be connected to a couple of other guys. Joey is constantly seen with strippers and \ "friends". It seems that Joe is over seeing Tahiry out and about with someone else, and it seems he's over being with anyone else. He released Ordinary Love Sh#t 4 the other day, and it's basically 6 very confusing minutes of him pouring his heart out to Tahiry. Bold move for any other rapper, but this is Joe's style. Twitter fans began tweeting him about how they have to now contact their exes. He put this together well.

While I can't really get with the crazy cycle of loving a woman, hurting her, then begging her to come back, to repeat all of that again.. I must admit that the actual track is dope. Joe tells his side of the story with great cadence and delivery. I think he said everything he wanted to say, touching on Tahiry's dating life now, how he couldn't care less about the other girls he's seen with, and missing her/wanting her back. Tahiry hit up her instagram to admit that it's a great track.. she was almost giddy about it:

It's hard to tell if Joe's brash delivery of his feelings impacted Tahiry or not. It's hard to say that I wish them well together. I think that Joe takes on a very familiar tone regarding the woman he feels is HIS. Men go through the craziest moments when the woman they love is out of reach, but won't treat her right to save their lives- literally. A woman always has a preference-a man they love and would like to be with. We will usually fight for that man until we can't fight anymore. It's always important for men to remember that even if they're our choice, they're still an option.

Check out Joe's latest cry for Tahiry's attention below. What do you think about Johiry's saga?

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