Monday, October 6, 2014

Jagged Edge & B. Cox Host Private Listening Session for New Album- JE Heartbreak II

Last night just as stores were closing, some exclusively invited guests packed out the location where a private listening session was being held for Jagged Edge. The place filled up quickly, and the energy was thick. The fellas have written and produced (along with Bryan- Michael Cox who sort of MC'd the whole session) an album that fans and supporters will love. 

Jagged Edge maintains the same sound and approach to music that they've had since the beginning. Brandon and Brian elaborated on why that was important saying that they simply sing to and about women. The twins were there for the entire night. They were joined towards the end of the night by other member Kyle, but made sure to make note that they are still a group, the other two fellas were just unavailable.

As for the album, it's really nice. You get the JE we all know and love, but you can also tell they pushed themselves vocally and lyrically this time around. JE Heartbreak II is the title of the new album, and it's sort of an ode to their sophomore album- JE Heartbreak which solidified the group's presence on the charts. The album opens up with a conversation about how r&b has changed and what it should be. As the second track begins, listeners are taken on a ride of 11 songs that mimic the intro's stance.

The crowd consisted of many Atlanta bloggers, music industry people, socialites, and artists. Fellow artists who came out to support were Bobby V., So So Def's Dondria, and Mishon among a few others. Mr. Michael Mauldin opened the night giving us an idea of what the guys have been up to and what we could expect. The fellas came out and with B. Cox walked track by track through the album as we jammed with them.  A few standouts for me were: Love Come Down, It's Been You -which will be a favorite for lots of people. It's definitely another love song from the fellas. Also, I really got into Romeo, and the last few records on the album. 

Check out the tracklist and a few photos from the event below. JE Heartbreak II is in stores and on iTunes October 27th.

1.       “JE Intro”
2.       “Future”
3.       “Familiar”
4.       “Hope”
5.       “Things I Do for You”
6.       “Love Come Down”
7.       “It’s Been You”
8.       “Romeo”
9.       “Getting Over You”
10.   “Ready”
11.   “Make It Clear”
12.   “No Half Steppin’”

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