Monday, October 6, 2014

First Steps: Yoga PhD Explains How Yoga Became A part of Her Life

I will never forget the day I was riding in the car with two women I admire, Traci and Nahliah, expressing how stressed I was. I had just finished my first semester as a part-time doctoral student, and a full time 12th grade Advanced Placement teacher. Nahliah, stated, "Kisha you have to take care of yourself." It wasn't something I hadn't heard, since Spelman. My parents did not have money to help me throughout college, so I worked full time at the Atlanta Airport and Forver21 to cover my bills, while going to Spelman full time.

Working hard was nothing new in my book, but my body and mind was tired. I was using parts of my brain, I don't think I have ever used as a doctoral student. So, Nahliah suggested that I start a Morning Practice. I said to myself, and myself, said...girl do you know how hard it is for me to get out of the bed each morning, and now you want me to add something else to my plate!!! Needless to say, she suggested that I read something inspirational each morning or evening, and I chose my Bible and daily devotions. I also had to journal for at least 30 minutes about whatever! I decided to do a prayer journal, and I knew I needed some type of physical activity that would center me. I decided to try yoga.

Yoga Power: Mind, & Body comes on the Howard channel in the morning, so if I could get up, read my word, and journal before yoga came on...I would be winning in my Morning Practice! Let's just say I read the Word, and yoga happens most mornings, but definitely in the evening. Even if I do one headstand or inversion a day! I have to do yoga, to stay sane! I promise to finish this story, as we take my journey together, and hopefully inspire you to start your yoga journey. 

Kisha aka YogaPhD hails from Cincinnati, Ohio aka Winton Terrace. Kisha is a Spelman Alumna, and Teachers College, Columbia University graduate. She serves as a  program coordinator at a school in Maryland. Before becoming a program coordinator, she served as a 12th grade Advanced Placement Literature teacher. She is also a doctoral student at George Mason University and a intern for the GEDI program. She is happy to join the Kayki team, to document her journey as self-taught yogi to balance her life.

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