Thursday, October 16, 2014

11yr. old Madyson Symphony Covers Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough"

Madyson Symphony has been stealing hearts with her beautiful voice on youtube since she was 3. Now, she's in the 6th grade, and her voice is still just as beautiful.

When she isn't singing around her home town, Madyson is enjoying playing basketball for her school, Bloomington Jr. High.When asked why she chose Ariana Grande this time, she said that she just loves her voice. She said that Ariana has a skill and tone that she really likes, "her songs are singable" is how she put it.

Madyson Symphony is working a lot to make sure her voice is on point. She sings in choir at church, various events, and is a student of Mr. Willie Norwood's vocal coaching. She told me she studies a few other singers, and they inspire her to be better. When I asked her who those were, I was almost surprised (the only reason I wasn't is because she's my niece and I know what she's been exposed to musically). Her list was impressive- 1.Brandy 2.Donny Hathaway 3. Ella Fitzgerald 4. India Arie 5. Mali Music... talk about a list!

I'm certain we will be hearing so much more from Madyson in the near future. Enjoy her cover of Almost is Never Enough below! Visit her youtube account for more of her covers. Sing babygirl!


  1. This little girl can sing!!!!!! That low note at the beginning of the second verse is all the proof in the world that she's going to be something else. Her parents should make sure she keeps singing.

  2. i love her voice i've been watching a lot of her videos since "encourage yourself and available she has a beautiful voice