Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hey Moms, Thank You For Being Everything To Your Little One! (Video)

Moms are truly amazing, and since Wednesdays on social media is the day we set aside to talk about women we love or admire- we're shouting out moms! From the moment we come into the world most of our mothers fully commit to sacrificing for us in almost every way. The whole idea of pregnancy is one huge sacrifice of astronomical proportions. This is something I think about often, so when this video appeared in my timeline yesterday it spoke volumes to me.

The Pampers brand decided to pay special tribute to new moms in Japan on  a very special day for them- their baby's first birthdays. The anxious mothers sit with their doctors and share almost the exact same sentiments about what that first year has been like. It's so ironic to watch just how each mother experienced the same fears, scary moments, and worries all in an effort to makes sure their growing babies were fine.

The joy on their faces is evident, but what happens after they leave the offices is what will pull at your heartstrings. I couldnt get through this video without lots of real tears falling. It made me reflect on my own mom, and how much she sacrifices still for me. So, randomly we'd like to say salute to all moms like these. You are everything to your little ones, and much appreciated!

See if you can get through this without crying. Be sure to turn on the subtitles!

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