Monday, September 15, 2014

Do You Think Beyonce Is Pregnant? (Photos)

The world can't get enough of these two and their little family. It's the cutest thing for me as a longtime Jay Z fan to watch him evolve so much.  While the widespread rumor that Jay Z changed lyrics to Beach Is Better at the last OTR show the other night is not true, I am inclined to believe that Bey is carrying a bun in the oven.

I try my best to avoid these pregger rumors because there is no way of knowing if they are true early on. With the Carters' history of struggling with pregnancy just before Blue, I also like to walk light on assuming they're with child. I can't resist this time around though.

Jay made us aware of a miscarriage in his dedication to Blue, a song called Glory that featured the now 2 yr old little lady's voice. He always speaks through his music, which is why most blogs ran with the story that he confirmed Bey's pregnancy Saturday night. Again, Jay didn't change the lyrics to confirm her pregnancy, but there are other signs that lead me to believe they have another one on the way!

In their vacation photos, she appears to have  a little pouch and she even appears to keep her hand over it while they are out. In the photos from their last show Saturday, she also has a rounder tummy than we're used to seeing. Some fans even noticed a body wrap similar to what she wore when she was performing preggers with Blue. Beyonce also didn't do full out choreo and appeared to be a little tired according to fans.

Some took to their twitter and IG accounts to say the Queen Bey was a little off at their show, this of course only solidified that maybe she is pregnant and wasnt feeling her best. I thought it a little sad that she couldn't have a day off even if she isn't pregnant. She's human and sure to have days when she simply isn't feeling 100.

The two have been extremely adorable lately amidst rumors of a divorce. This final stop in Paris for the OTR tour was no different. They said cute things to one another, and were super affectionate. Bey teared up as she told Jay how she loved him, and Jay told her it was an honor to share the stage with the woman he loves.

We don't know for sure if Bey is with child again. These photos may just be taken at interesting angles. Heck- I have a little pouch every once in a while. With that side of the coin established, I will say that I am hopeful that she is. Babies are blessings, and at the rate of smitten that the Carters appear to be lately, I wouldn't doubt Jay Z and Bey have expanded their family with another little one.

See photos of Beyonce below and tell me what you think. Preggers or Nah?