Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiarah Speaks: Check Yourself

We are living in a world full of hurt people. There are those who do the hurting and there are those who take in the hurt with open arms. People like to place blame on others as to why the pain exists in their lives, but at the end of the day there is only one person who can change that. YOU.

Many of us allow the pain to happen in many ways. We stay with people who are not meant for us. We don’t think about our happiness first, and we allow fear to keep us in a place that will eventually kill us mentally, physically or emotionally. We as people get so caught up in society’s smog of what is believed to make us happy, what is believe to be the right way in living life, that we tend to ignore what it is within us that points us in the direction of happiness. There are so many rules and regulations that have mentally forced us into a box not of our choosing. So many labels that we’re afraid to wear because it goes against what we’re supposed to be. And while we deal with the pressures of the world, we are failing to be completely honest with ourselves. We aren’t taking the time out to evaluate our emotional state, and we aren’t facing the personal issues head on that cause us to exhibit hurt behaviors. We are the cause of pain, but we are also the answer to extinguishing it.

As adults it will take much work to wash off the labels that have been tattooed on our skin. It will be difficult to erase the years of negative experiences that we have stored in our memory. But to be at a place of peace we have to check ourselves. We have to have a honest sit-down with our hearts and listen to what we truly need. We have to not only listen to what is being said to us, but we have to be willing to say eff society and it’s invisible jail bars and live life the way we were meant to be. We weren’t created to be miserable people. We weren’t created to hurt others and to spread that pain on to younger generations. As adults it’s time to check ourselves, and do what we need to do to make ourselves happy. And once we achieve that, we can then help those around us to be happy as well. As adults it is our job to protect our babies and cultivate our youth. It is our job to be examples to those who are watching, and to actively fight against those things we know hold us back.

I know I am only one person but I know that setting an example for the young and old people that watch me can make a major difference. As a mother, I allow my daughter to know that I struggle, but I also let her see me fight through it. I explain to her the things that happen out here in the world and I teach her to be a better person and rise above it. In my blogging and interacting with people, I’m transparent in how I live life. I’m open about my feelings and the things that I’m learning as I get older. I speak about my attending therapy sessions with ease because I’m tired of the stigma attached to it. No I’m not crazy, I am human and I am far from perfect. So much stuff happens throughout our life time that can cause us to be hurt and “broken down” from time to time, but it’s okay to acknowledge that we want and need to be healed from it. 

If we all took the time out to check ourselves and to be transparent, it would make a world of difference…

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