Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rihanna Holds Her Own in 'W Magazine' Spread With Naomi Campbell and Iman!

Once again our girl Rih Rih is strutting her stuff in the fashion world. Posing alongside supermodel heavyweights Iman and Naomi Campbell, the pop star (rightfully turned model/fashion icon) totally looks the part. Rihanna is the cover girl for the W Magazine. Her cover photo is a little dark and eery, and the writer coins her the World's Wildest Style Icon..which we can understand. Rih has a full spread in the magazine with two different themes.

When it comes to black model slayage it gets no "realler" than Iman and Naomi Campbell. These are cheekbones and skin tones we all have grown to obsess over. The first spread features Rih with these two gorgeous women. Rihanna has her own unique beauty, and her features compliment Iman and Naomi's perfectly. These three women collide in the spread rockin Balmain's 2014 Fall Collection and SLAYING! The ladies are giving face and body in Balmain's familiar detailed designs.

The next few photos feature Rihanna in a very wilderness like editorial. I don't have pht It's dark and high fashion featuring some of Alexander McQueen & Michael Kor's fall collections. These photos are bold and tribal. Rih's face is covered in art, and the textures are immaculate.It's the edginess that not all supermodels can pull off. Rih's resolve to take risks and be bold is one reason we rock with her.

We all have our opinions about celebs and their careers. It seems like every day the argument of whether or not Rihanna is worthy of all of her accolades  appears on my Twitter timeline. I'm not one to argue with reality. Rihanna not only has conquered the music industry in many ways, but her gorgeous features and impeccable style have proven capable of conquering the fashion world as well.

She parallels with these women who have spent their lives perfecting poses and angles. Can we also pause for how flawless Iman and Naomi are? Sheesh!  I can't tell who the vets are and who the newbie is in this spread, but thats the Rihanna way right? Get a lot done in a few years and let the world figure out how they feel about it, while she stacks the paper. I'm so here for this girl..she plays hard, but don't deny this weeerk!

While Rih got on  us a bit about not having HQ pics and posting we couldn't help it. She did share a few of the "Eskimo horror story" spread photos in HQ!