Wednesday, August 13, 2014

North West Poses for First Solo Model Feature + How She Twins With Mommy Kim K!

North West has to be the most talked about celeb baby right now. Not only is she stepping into her first solo modeling gig, but she's been spotted out looking super fly on a regular. Not surprising, after all her parents are two very fashion forward and attractive people. With all of the lights, camera, and action on Kanye West and Kim K at all times, North is the one stealing the show and for good reason.

"It's never too early to care about fashion!" is the quote from Karl Lagerfeld that captions the adorable photo of little Nori in her first solo professional feature for CR Fashion Book. Nori is laced in Chanel, and rocking her Lorraine Schwartz studs. She's the cutest little thing ever!

I couldn't help but notice a trend while preparing this post. When spotted out recently Kim seems to be matching her 1-yr old's fresh in some way or another. There is nothing like a parent making sure their babies are just as fly as they are..and Kim does this well. It really is super cute! Kanye and Kim have a little doll on their hands who is sure to take the fashion industry by storm if she wants to.

Check out a few photos of them below!


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