Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Whitney Houston! Here Is Jade Novah's Epic Tribute To You!

Since I can remember being alive I've been a huge Whitney Houston fan. Since I can remember being alive, I've also been a singer. I learned early on that a staple rule for any venue or talent show is to never ever everrrrr sing Whitney. It's a risk.. a huge risk for any human to attempt to sing anything that "The Voice"  has sung. Her voice is perfection, and it's usually best to just let her have a song all to herself.

Well, Jade Novah and her producer Devin Johnson don't see it that way. They've been about the risk taking thing since their creative geniuses collided. Jade's artistry in itself is risky. You mean you're going to take all things theatre/broadway and mix them with r&b? Most would doubt that combination, but 
Jade Novah makes it work beautifully. She has consistently taken songs we love by popular artists and made them into something we can't cherish only as the original artist's work. Every time I hear the original of a song that Jade's voice has blessed, I'm guaranteed to sing her version over it.

As Whitney's birthday approached this year I couldn't figure out what to post. There's a movie coming, and always a great song I can post in remembrance, but I wasn't feeling any of that. I had to post something for the woman who not only inspired me as a child and singer, but I lay on her legacy so many other voices I've come to love. 
I needed this year's post to be special. When I saw this release from Jade a few days ago it was THE answer to my post question. I basically couldn't contain wanting to blog it, but I needed to hold it for today- so I kept it together! It was very hard, especially after I listened to the medley.

I knew Jade would deliver, but there was still a bit of anxiety. It's Whitney. Needless to say, I pressed play and began on a journey of my favorite Whitney records with Jade and Devin at the wheel. In their own way they molded and delivered Whitney's classics. It still feels like Whit, but it is definitely in the Jade Novah way. Jade's tone is so pure, her control is unbelievable, and Devin's arrangements are a feast to any music lover's ears. This is just one more reason to love her as an artist. Goodness she sings!!!

I love Jade. I've said it many times. I'm expecting so many unbelievable things from her artistry. I hear she's currently on background vocals for Eminem and Rihanna's Monster Tour. She has the capacity to own that kind of crowd someday. Jade is the real deal.

So this is probably the best way we can say happy birthday to Nippy. Thank you for your legacy. It leaves us with music like this and artists like Jade Novah. May your beautiful soul rest in peace for all of eternity. Your music surely will live on forever! Happy Birthday Whitney Houston!

Here is  To Whitney Love Jade.. bravo Jade!


  1. dmolsz snz'odvl;z' omg they killlllled this! happy bday whitney omg this girl sang this!

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    1. Hi Bren, if you click her name in the post, you'll be taken to her twitter. It's JadeNovah. xo