Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gospel great Fred Hammond Releases New Song, I Will Trust

My favorite gospel artist Fred Hammond has consistently delivered some of the best praise and worship songs to ever be made. He's always reminding us of where our help really comes from, and this latest release, I Will Trust is no different. Just last night Fred released the song especially for his twitter feed and the response was great to see. I watched as many long time fans like myself reacted to the new song. Fred is notorious for songs that have incredible lyrical content, heavy instrumentation, and great vocal production.

While the general listener is focused on just the message- avid music lovers have come to hold Fred Hammond to a high standard. For so many years his ministry has blessed our lives through music that encourages our hearts and refocuses us on the love of God. He's also managed to deliver a consistent sound and level of musicality. It's the Fred standard. I Will Trust holds tight to it.

We've got the message of trusting in the Lord, the incredible instrumentation (Fred's band is insane), and those quality vocals we've come to love over the years. Fred co-wrote the song with celebrated musicians and friends drummer Calvin Rodgers and pianist Phillip Feaster. The two have played in Fred's band for years, and were able to help Fred write this one at a pretty tough time in his life according to their IG posts.

It's great to hear new music from someone who has been in the game this long. If you don't have any Fred Hammond in your playlists, you can start all the way back at Commissioned and just get everything. Trust me, you'll be happy you did.

Check out I Will Trust below.

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