Monday, August 18, 2014

Autopsy of Michael Brown Reveals Details-He Was Shot At least Six Times

Protests occurring around the USA today were sparked by the murder of an unarmed black teen named Michael Brown in Ferguson MO. A private autopsy performed Sunday finally reveals just how the shooting occurred. According to Dr. Michael M. Baden, a former chief medical examiner, Mike Brown was shot at least six times, twice in the head. The Dr. suggests that the fatal injury was one to the skull while his head was presumably bent forward.

Dr. Baden was flown in by the family of Mike Brown to conduct a private autopsy after distrust for the way in which the city officials were handling his case hit an all time high. Baden's autopsy also revealed that Mike Brown was shot four times from the front in the right arm. Disputing prior reports that Mike Brown was attacking the officer who shot him, Dr. Baden suggests that the shots did not appear to be made from a close range because there was no gun powder residue on Brown's body.

This private autopsy is one of three that have been scheduled for Mike Brown's body due to the high intensity of speculation revolving around his death. The local and national community of supporters have been asking for answers, and this private autopsy is the first to fully reveal details regarding just what happened to Mike Brown. Many suggest that it supports the eye witness accounts that Mike Brown was shot numerous times while his hands were lifted in surrender. Bullets into the inner arm suggest that his hands were up. This gesture of surrender has been the theme and symbol for the protest- "Hands up, don't shoot!"

There is still much more work to be done in resolving this issue. The cop responsible for shooting Mike Brown, Darren Wilson was first identified and his face made known to the public just Friday by Yahoo News. Mike Brown was murdered on August 9th. The public has been getting answers slowly but surely, and mainly through word of mouth as most mainstream media outlets have chosen to focus more on the rioting occurring in the shadows of Mike Brown's murder. Social media outlets like Twitter have become the most reliable place for accurate information about whats occurring in Ferguson.

Peaceful protests with a few incidents of looting, led to a heavy militant response from the local police department. Tear gas, rubber bullets, curfews, and snipers were tools used to contain a peaceful protest by people only wishing that a cop who murdered someone could be held accountable. The police department's response has escalated the intensity of the issue causing even more backlash from the community in Ferguson.

It's quite sad to see the results of this autopsy. It allows a clearer picture of what Mike Brown suffered at the moment of his death. There are many stories circulating about just what crimes he'd committed just before his death, and they aren't worth a mention here. The job of the police is to protect and serve. Whatever crime he committed shouldve earned him an arrest and jail time... not death at the hands of a cop. To make a situation worse, the mishandling of this case on the part of police, media, and government officials is frightening. This is an American citizen and city being handled without the Constitution in mind.

My prayers have been going up for Mike Brown's family, and the city of Ferguson to the point that I can't sleep. It is quite sad that the people who built this country still have no value. Photos of Ferguson are reminiscent of photos of the Civil Rights struggle our Grandparents faced. This is America in 2014. Protection, no arrest, no condemnation is the response given to a cop who shot and killed a teen in the street and didn't even call for medical help... but tanks, sniper weapons, tear gas, and rubber bullets is the response given to a peaceful assembly of people wanting answers? I'm not proud to be an American right now. Let justice be served for Mike Brown.

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  1. I can't explain the anger that I feel about all of this. I feel so helpless. I have donated but that doesnt seem like enough. I have to pray that justice is served and that Black lives become valuable to everyone. If this were my son or any other white child, we'd have a totally different situation and that makes me sick to my stomach.