Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World News: Train carrying bodies from #MH17 crash leaves rebel town

An Associated Press reporter on Monday witnessed a refrigerated train carrying many of the 298 bodies of people killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash, as it pulled away from a rebel town in eastern Ukraine.

The train left from Torez, 9 miles from the crash site, and armed Russian separatists told the AP that it was heading for the rebel town of Ilovaysk. Earlier that day, Dutch experts called for a full forensic sweep of the Flight 17 crash and the armed separatists guarding the rail cars had to leave as soon as possible, according to the AP.

Four days after the Boeing 777 was shot out of the sky, international investigators still had limited access to the crash site, delayed by pro-Russia fighters who control that territory. Russia has denied backing the separatists and pressure is growing on Russian President Vladimir Putin to rein in the fighters and allow a full investigation into the downing of the plane, the AP said.

Since 192 of the victims were Dutch and another being Dutch-American, the Netherlands has a team of investigators searching through the crash site. Dutch investigators inspected the luggage and suggested it be shipped out. At the United Nations in New York, the Security Council voted Monday on an Australia-proposed resolution demanding international access to the crash site and a cease-fire around the area, according to the AP. 

An update Monday afternoon stated that the train carrying the bodies was en route to the government-controlled eastern city of Kharkiv, where it has set up a crisis center.

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