Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Willow Smith Releases Interesting Song, 8

Willow Smith has been into numerology lately- at least thats what she told MTV was the influence for this latest song, 8. The study of numerology suggests that numbers have an influence on us. Will and Jada's daughter told MTV that her recent interest in numerology stems from numbers following her and her friends around. Willow is  such a unique teenager. Her thoughts about life and truth seem to reach far beyond her years.

The record will be on producer Kitty Cash's latest mixtape, Love the Free Vol. II which is out today. Willow told MTB that she's a huge Kilo Kish fan, and thats how she learned of Kitty. This record really shows that Willow knows how to use her gift in a very sure way. It's not for everybody, especially those still holding onto Willow whipping her hair back and forth, but its a good record to chill to. Very mature for a 13 year old, but Willow has never been into whats age appropriate in our opinions.

Check out, 8 below.


  1. willow scares me lol

  2. This little girl scares me too in a way. I hope Will and Jada have a good eye on her because she's so deep to be so young. Some of the pictures I see of her are a little mature for her age too. I like the song though.