Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Music & Video: Tameka "Tiny" Harris is back with WTFYGD

Tiny has been in the news lately for all sorts of reasons stemming from personal drama surrounding her life.  It looks like she's keeping it moving on the business end as we've always known her to do. After being asked for a while to release something official, it looks like Tiny is ready to do the solo thing.

She's known more now as a writer, mother, and wife- but back in the day she was an original member of the r&b group Xscape. She had the sweetest and smoothest soprano voice. Tiny is back with that same sound, with her latest single- WTFYGD. She made the announcement just hours ago on her personal IG.

As is normal these days, the single is not only on iTunes now, but the video has been released as well. You'll spy some familiar faces as you see Tiny sing about her man who just may be losing a good thing. Our girl Shekinah is in the video along with some other homegirls you're sure to see around Tiny on any given day. It does something for me to see her back releasing music. I grew up listening to her voice, I'm glad she's back at it.

Check out her new video below and be sure to get the record on iTunes now! No word yet on the album. What do yall think?!