Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rihanna's Side of the "Rih Cursed Fan Out In Airport" Video from Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for the standard Rihanna hater. A video of the pop star walking through the airport rather frustrated and "cursing out fans" was splattered all over the internets. That was right up the alley of people who feel the Bajan has a major attitude problem. The video was edited and released with a narrator informing viewers of a scolding she handed down to her body guard and a fan "just trying to meet her". Ironically, this photo floated by my timeline of Rih in the airport that same day.. posing with a fan.. so what really happened with that infamous video floating around?

Well, thanks to the "Rihplies" Instagram account (that basically used to track Rihanna's responses to fans on IG before she left) we know what happened from Rih's point of view. Come to find out the "fan" everyone saw her snapping on wasn't a fan at all. Rihanna stated that the guy was an ebay shark who hangs out at airports collecting autographs to sell. See the screenshot below:

Whether or not people agree with how she responded, I think it's only fair that the story is corrected- or atleast heard from her side too. Being a celebrity has to be tough, because many of them can't own any of their private space. When they're out and about people invade their personal bubbles, people snap photos of them in their homes, cars, having dinner dates, all of it. Rih had a couple of moments on tour attempting to protect herself from the incredibly odd invasion of personal space, but I struggled to find examples of her treating her fans like crap, in fact Rihanna treats her fans very well.

Some Navy have the plane tickets she purchased, photos of private meet and greets Rih went out of her way to make happen, encouraging words, and once in a lifetime experiences to prove it. I've said this before and I'll say it again, Rihanna may have one of the best relationships with her fans. Many other celebs are recently catching on to the importance of interaction with their fan base, but from my understanding Rih has always made time for them. She engages them all of the time via her social media outlets. She's even offered to step in and pay for a funeral of a fan recently. Sounds like she hearts them to me, and they surely heart her.

 Not sure why it's out of order for her to need a minute, and yes maybe her personality is a little feistier than some, but she still has the right to need a little room. Maybe in your opinion she was too harsh in that moment regardless of who it was, thats fine you can have that opinion. All things considered, to say that she doesn't care for her fans is a reach that only the most devoted Rihanna hater would grab for.

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  1. Ha! Yes Kayki get to the bottom of it! I love tou!