Tuesday, July 1, 2014

KayKi Speaks with Michelle Williams about New Album, Journey To Freedom!

While I type this, Michelle and her team are celebrating a number one record on Billboard's Gospel charts with her new release Say Yes featuring her DC sisters Beyonce and Kelly. While this isn't a first for Michelle, it is absolutely still just as gratifying. After coming on the scene as the new girl in Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams has since paved her own way in numerous areas of entertainment. I wanted to chat with her to get a small glimpse into what that journey has been like, considering her new album out in September is titled Journey to Freedom.

With the anticipation building for her new album I wanted to know what to expect! Between my questions and the ones submitted/selected from fans.. we got a little insight on the album and Michelle! Check out my exclusive Q&A with this beautiful chic below!

KayKi: Your career so far really has been amazing. When I stop to think about how much you've accomplished in such a short time, I'm legit amazed. From your successes as a solo artist, to Aida, Color Purple, Fela!..you even dabbled in the business world of sports with minority ownership in the Chicago Sky!! Are you living something you've always known you would?

Michelle: I always believed that I would be successful, I just didn't know it would be of this magnitude! I always believed that I would live well if I worked hard!

KayKi: @m.williams.journey from Instagram asked if you have any movies in the works? 

Michelle: I would love to do movies one day.

KayKi: Your love for acting and singing is obvious. Where did you hone your love for the arts? 

Michelle: I honed my love for the arts by falling in love with music and then the studies of all different genres, dance and theatre! I grew up in Rockford, IL's public school system and there was CAPA which stands for Creative and Performing Arts! CAPA was a division at West Middle School and Auburn High School.

KayKi: Woot! Shout out to IL! I'm born and raised in Bloomington IL, and spent some time in Rockford. Programs like CAPA are so important for children. I actually got lots of questions/comments to ask you about how you feel about your IYC/ISU days.. how was that time for you?

Michelle: I miss those days at ISU.... Hangin out at the Bone Student Center and working at the University Bookstore! I miss being on the quad! I miss going to my room at Watterson Tower!! I especially miss IYC, those were some good days!

KayKi:  I love that you aren't afraid to sing about Jesus and over beats that people will get with. We all have those traditional gospel records that get us through tough times though, whats one of yours?

Michelle: I love a good hymn like Oh How I Love Jesus! When you sing a song like that it magnifies and gives power to The Lord instead of magnifying a problem or bad situation!

KayKi: You can't go wrong with that one! Speaking of faves- do you have a favorite song of your own? 

Michelle: A favorite song of mine would have to be Purpose In Your Storm.

KayKi: Yea.. from Do You Know... sweet.  Who is your biggest musical influence?

Michelle: Whitney Houston is my biggest musical influence

KayKi: As she is for so many of us. I always ask artists- who is in your ipod? What artist are you jamming to right now?

Michelle: I'm jamming to Laura Mvula, Mali Music, my new album, and a lot of old school r and b and pop.

KayKi: I grew up with Destinys Child and I really loved LaTavia as a youngin..moreso because I identified with her more physically I think. When you came into the picture, I as a fan had to let go of the old and accept the new. Man, you caught it back then from fans. You still are catching it to this day! Sometimes even I want to respond to some of the craziness sent your way. How were your early DC days? How do you cope with the negativity and bashing that goes on?

Michelle: My early DC days were so much fun! We just concentrated on the music and also focused on each other which has led to the sisterhood we have today! I cope with the bashing by ignoring it! Lol!

KayKi: Lol.. well we can all take note from that.  Now, Kelly became very vulnerable in her single Dirty Laundry. @ben10_k from Instagram says,  "Sorry to be a downer, but did you ever have moments like Kelly? Where you looked at Beyonce in a jealous way? And not saying that that is bad, you know, we all go through that type of envy at some point, it's just a matter of turning things around and be thankful for what we have."

Michelle: I think we all as artist have moments where you want to better and work harder! I'm always thankful and grateful for what I have! I have never looked at Kelly or Beyonce in any way other than love and admiration!

KayKi: Love it. You reconnected with the girls for Say Yes, and we've seen you guys in photos for special occasions.. was it your idea for them to jump on the record?

Michelle: We made a promise years ago that we would support each other on solo projects in whatever way we can, and we've been women of our words! Beyonce and Kelly heard SAYYES and said that there should be a DC3 mix of it, so they recorded their parts and that's pretty much how it went down!

KayKi:I love that yall have maintained that relationship.  Journey to Freedom is a very interesting and profound album title. Can you elaborate on where it comes from? 

Michelle: We came up with that idea at the studio one night. Harmony Samuels, Courtney Harrell, and I were sitting around talking about the album and before you know "Journey To Freedom" was blurted out and I knew that was my album title.

KayKi: @JulianaCosta_  from Twitter asked, "Can you tell us about what fans can expect from the new album? Will u be going on tour to promote it?"

Michelle: The fans can expect to dance, have fun, and be inspired all at the same time!!! I will be going on tour for sure Juliana!

KayKi: We will be keeping an eye out for that! @nightsinger05 from Instagram sent us a lot of questions! One of them is definitely a question a fan would ask, 'Are you able to at least tell us how many songs will be on Journey To Freedom?" 

Michelle: I believe 12 songs will go on the album....I think 👀

KayKi: Lol, maybe the "I think" means more guys! Did you do any writing on Journey to Freedom?

Michelle:  Yep, I definitely did some writing on the album.

KayKi: Sweet. As noted you've already done so much in your career. @J_motivator from twitter has the classic question, of where you see yourself in 5 yrs?

Michelle: I see myself writing books, a wife and mother, traveling the world still inspiring people through the arts.

KayKi: I definitely see that for you. Lastly, I'm really excited to get Journey to Freedom.. how has it challenged you as an artist?

Michelle: This album challenged me to be as vulnerable as possible. It challenged me to be very transparent!

Thanks Michelle! This woman is one of the most genuine people you can come across in this industry. I'm sure this won't be our last pow wow, and I'm looking forward to the next one! 

 If you haven't already, be sure to get her jam, Say Yes on iTunes now.. and check out the video below! Journey to Freedom is out September 9th! 


  1. great job kay! im glad u asked her about being jealous and beyonce or not because i really like her answer. ive always liked her. thanks for sharing.

    1. Exactly what I was going to say! Go ahead Kay asking the tough questions. I am so proud of you, and I definitely love this new song by Michelle.

    2. Hey ladies!

      Thanks for the love. I really appreciate it. The tough questions were actually submitted by fans, so kudos to them! Thanks for visiting and the commenting. xo

  2. I love how you always keep it classy and fun at the same time!! Asking the questions the fans want to know but in a loving way that doesn't make the other person feel like they're being attacked!! I throughly enjoyed reading this!

    1. Aww sweets! Thanks Britt. You're such a doll! xo

  3. As a HUGE Michelle Williams fan, I enjoyed this article and if I'd known about this blog I would have submitted a question also because I'm curious about song titles to look forward to on the album or the song that she feels is her favorite off the album.