Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elliott Wilson talks one on one with Common About New Album Nobody's Smiling

The premier Hip Hop journalist, Elliott Wilson caught up with one of my favorite people to listen to (and look at) rapper Common. Elliott really is the best to do this in my opinion. He knows how to engage artists, and he has a wealth of knowledge on the culture. Common is easy to talk to, and he has an incredible album about to release July 22nd.

Common's Nobody's Smiling is pretty much a lyrical ode' to our beloved Chicago. Since his introduction to the hip hop scene Common has stayed true to Chi City, his upbringing, and good messages. This time around even more so- he's focusing on his home city. He's bringing new artists up with him, and focusing in on speaking the truth about the violence occurring there every day.

Check out this dope and insightful interview with Common below. If you haven't already heard it, you can peep the stream of Nobody's Smiling over on Beats Music. I'm telling you it goes up from play.

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