Thursday, July 17, 2014

Drake Won the ESPYs- Watch His Highlights from this Year's Show

I personally don't have that much of an interest in sports. I mean really- my love for sports basically stops at Matt Kemp and David Beckham. So, needless to say I don't normally watch the ESPYs. I'm good with catching the photos after.

This year I decided to tune in for one reason- Drake! I was one of so many people who only tuned in for the rapper/singer/ (and obviously) actor. The guy impressed me so much in recent skits on late night television that I had high hopes he'd have an amazing night as the host of the ESPYs. While many were unsure just how well he'd pull off the gig as the MC of sports' biggest award night- I was pretty confident that he'd be wonderful. Drake is a known sports fanatic, and incredibly witty.. I prejudged him to be the perfect host.

Well he didn't disappoint. Drake brought it. The funnies had me locked up the entire night. From skits featuring Blake Griffin and Chris Brown, to a flawless impersonation of  "singing Manny Pacquiao", and finally his random songs and tribute to crush Skylar Diggins. It was pure comedy. If you missed the awards, check out my favorite part-Drake's highlights- below.

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