Friday, July 11, 2014

Drake and Chris Brown Reunite In The Studio (Photo)

We heard months ago that the long held "beef" between Chris Brown and Drake had been squashed. Now, we have a moment few ever saw coming- the two in the studio together. While it's not clear if they were just in the same studio and hung out to check out what the other is working on, or if this is the long awaited collaboration between the two- it's great to see.

I'd totally be here for a collaboration from these guys. They are both great writers, CB can sing a mean hook, and Drake is one of the best rappers alive. This could definitely go well. Chris posted a few photos over night, and it appeared he had a small party in the studio. Hopefully a listening session for his new album X, which we've been waiting on for forever.

Of course there is the obvious connection that both have dated Rihanna, and that she is at the center of both their falling out and their reconnection. Listen, I'm a grown woman, and in my grown woman world it isn't a given to me that adults can't all be cool and move forward. I won't assume these three are incapable of doing just that this time around. Some of the reactions and comments are already assuming this will end bad for Rih, like.. that's your first thought? Ok. I have high hopes that these two men can collaborate and leave any ill Rih mentions out of it..heck for all we know they're all cool. Imagine that.

It's good to see these two in a good space with one another. They are two of the hottest artists in the game right now. They have a heck of a history of frustration with one another.

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  1. i swear i love u kay. u get me right together because i honestly was thinking this would end bad for rih, but u right we dont know. love u for bein u!