Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Atlanta's Own Dri Jack Debuts New Single "#GOSSIP" At Private Listening Session

Every once in a while all the stars align and an artist comes around who has a voice, the look, and the all out talent to be a standout. Dri Jack who gives us a little bit of soul with just the right touch of adorable is that artist. It seems quite amusing to me honestly. This little petite woman carries within her a powerful voice and an undeniable presence. I've been keeping an eye on her career from the jump, so needless to say I was rather excited to get an invite to her private listening session for her new record, #GOSSIP.

This new era for Dri sort of leans listeners away from the teenage girl we came to adore from, Fairytale. There is definitely still that genuine sweetness in there, but it was obvious from the moment Dri entered in a beautiful white mini, red pumps, and a bold red lip that she's a grown woman! This is great because her audience is growing with her.

Dri was surrounded by a room full of supporters, media, and of course family as we chatted with her and got to know more about her project.  Dri comes from a family full of musical talents. Her brother leading industry choreographer Victor Jackson has a huge hand in her career, and they make for an incredible team. The event was perfect with delicious food, talented people, and just overall great vibes.

The song #GOSSIP came on for our listening pleasure and heads began to knock. The song is a banger! It highlights just how silly people can be when they have nothing nice to say. It's one for the radio and clubs. Everybody who is about something knows what it's like to have a little #Gossip floating around- and Dri sets the record straight that she's definitely not the one for those games.

Check out our premiere of #GOSSIP and some photos from the listening session below. I also squeezed out a little video of Dri singing live after someone in the audience basically challenged whether or not she was the real deal. Honey.. anytime you go for Whitney and you deliver.. thats proof! Also stay tuned for my one on one with Dri next week. I love this chic!

More music from Dri on DriJackmusic.com.

Dri sings Whitney Houston


Dri and Victor Talk Gossip!

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