Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A 'New' Cosby Show is in the Works

NBC hasn't forgotten the show that rescued it from tanking almost 30 years ago. The Cosby Show depicts a wealthy and strong black family dynamic spearheaded by the incredibly funny Bill Cosby. There are reports that the much loved series is on it's way back. No word on when exactly, but rumors are that there is a strong commitment from Bill Cosby, and the show is in the writing stages.

I grew up watching the show, and still watch reruns weekly. I'd love to see what Bill and the folks over at NBC are able to come up with in this modern twist of the story. No word yet on whether or not any of the other original cast members will make appearances. We all identified so much with them, either wanting to be in the family or seeing our own family members in a character. There was a strong, funny, and professional dad in Bill Cosby.. a gorgeous, hard working mother Clair Huxtable.. and so many real life situations that they worked through together.

While many are excited to see what the Cosbys will be like in this new age, a lot of questions arise in the minds of longtime fans. Will any of the other original cast members come back? Will Bill be as funny? Will we still get to see the classic original show? It seems kind of crazy to think about it, but in the spirit of sitcoms like, I Love Lucy and Little House on the Prairie- new generations are being introduced to the classic show and falling in love with it. These types of shows are irreplaceable.

Sometimes it's good to rebirth songs, movies, or even shows that were popular back in the day. Unfortunately times have changed so much, and I'm not sure where a "new" Cosby show would fit into the mold. A new show that isn't as good as the original, or that isn't adapted enough to be of interest to today's viewer wouldn't be a very good look for the show's legacy or NBC. I am hoping that whatever they come up with is as genius as the show we all have grown to love.. if not- we can always watch the reruns!

Word is we can expect the "new" Cosby Show as early as next Summer. Producers are hoping to return back to the live studio audience feel as well. What do you think of this news?! Do you think we need a new Cosby Show?


  1. im not really against this but man it would have to be so good

  2. Will Bill be grandpa (thus, less screen time)? Will Olivia introduce some alternative lifestyle issues should she come back? How 'bout the other cast? Will the new kids stare at smartphones over several episodes? LOL