Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Midwest's Jay McSwain Covers John Legend's All of Me With Ashlee Gilot

The Midwestern boy Jay McSwain  hung out with fellow musician Ashlee Gilot to sing one of America's favorite songs right now. If you aren't tired of hearing John Legend's All of Me.. here it is once more. This is honestly one of the most beautiful songs written, and Jay slays this cover as always.

Jay dropped this video on his site for fans last month. Accompanied by Ashlee on strings, Jay shows just how smooth and easy his vocals are. I thought yall would dig this. Check out the video below.. and stay tuned for Jay's new project! I've heard a few of the records and welp... it's a go!

You don't really have to wait to get into Jay's music though, his new jam Broken Hearts is on iTunes now!

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