Monday, June 23, 2014

Robin Thicke Shows Mock Text Convo In New Get Her Back Video

Robin Thicke just released the visual to his single, Get Her Back. As I'm sure yall are aware- Robin Thicke has written a whole album entitled Paula for his estranged wife actress Paula Patton. He's been dedicating song and shows to her since their split months ago. This visual for Get Her Back is in the same vein.

In the video you see what appears to be a mock conversation between Robin and Paula, while a bruised and battered Robin Thicke sings the song in the background. There is a woman bearing a slight resemblance to Paula in the video. Based on the text in the video Paula may not be move by any of this.

People are polarized by what Robin Thicke is doing with this new album. They aren't sure if they dig his obvious desperation or not. Really, we've been rocking to Robin's heartfelt music for years now. The only difference is we know what he and his wife are going through, and he's making it very clear that these songs are about her. 

Im not sure if Robin will win Paula back after all of this, but I wish them the best. I think it's a pretty big move on his part. Watch the full video for Get Her Back below.

What do you think about Robin's recent expressions to his wife?

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  1. He is crazy and slightly obsessive. It's too much in my opinion. I love your site Kayki!