Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Press Play: New Artist Will Preyer Debuts Purpose EP

When it comes to good music- it's about a good feeling more than anything. That's exactly what you get when you listen to singer/writer Will Preyer. Hailing from Texas, Will has set himself in motion to capture the ears of music lovers abroad with his soulful sound. Covering a vast amount of important topics, Will manages to sing about the things most dear to us, but in a very.. very smooth way.

Reminiscent of a modern day Peabo Bryson,Will's voice is full of depth and a fluid cadence that extends way beyond his years. Singing for most of his life, Will knew early on that he'd be here releasing his own albums. His love for music has always been influential in his life. Having recently completed his debut EP- Purpose, Will is more than ready to present his gift to the world.

The Purpose EP features a handful of songs that ring true to Will's style. The leading single, Next To You is a really grooved out reggae record. Showing his versatility, Will sings over the island influenced track about how in love he is with wife Toni. The inspiration for the song- Will says Toni was singing something similar one night before going to bed, and it grew in his mind into the first single. Even sweeter- Toni is the lead in the video, which is adorable.

We're always really excited to introduce you to new artists. Check Will Preyer's debut EP Purpose out on iTunes today. We have his new video, Next To You below! Stay tuned for more from Will Preyer.. it's definitely on the way!

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