Monday, June 23, 2014

PJ Morton and Tweet Take Center Stage in Atlanta

I joined most of Atlanta's good music lovers, artists, writers, producers last night to watch two celebrated artists share their gifts. Pj Morton and Tweet hit the stage with all of their never ending jams, and with a stage presence that commanded the entire room.

The ageless Tweet was up first. The Southern Hummingbird took requests directly from the audience singing fan favorites like, Always Will, Beautiful, and Smoking Cigarettes from her debut album.

The audience practically sang every word of every song. Tweet was highly entertaining and her voice was perfection as she sang the songs fans begged for her to sing. She also brought her daughter artist Tashawna "She'Nice" Johnson on stage to show just how much talent runs through their family. Shenice closed out her mom's Beautiful in an epic way. Tweet closed with her debut single, Oops (Oh My) just after shouting out the incomparable Missy Elliott who was in the building.

PJ began his set with a bang as the audience trickled back out of their seats and onto the main floor in front of the stage. He stood behind his organ as we're used to seeing him do, and sang some of his catalogue we love so much. Atlanta is like a second home for PJ Morton. I can remember years ago experiencing his shows all around the city and just being amazed at how lyrical, melodic, and simply musical those experiences were.

Since then PJ has had much success on the major markets as a songwriter, and artist. His ability to connect with a crowd through his live music hasn't changed at all. Fans danced and sang their hearts out to his jams like, Don't Ever Leave, Jiborish, and my personal favorite-Mountains and Molehills. Simply incredible. Pj was joined by Sunday Best winner Amber Bullock who began her portion of the duet in the audience because security wouldn't let her up on stage. PJ passed her the mic and she sang as she walked out of the auditorium through the backstage area and finally met PJ center stage. It was definitely something to experience.

Check out a couple of photos and a little bit of the action from the show below. I would mention the latest projects released by Tweet & PJ, but I'd be doing you a disservice. The truth is- you should have their whole catalogue!

PJ Morton

Amber Bullock & PJ Morton

Me & Pj Morton


Tweet being serenaded

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