Saturday, June 21, 2014

Get Into Marian Mereba's New Video for September

Our fave Ethiopian beauty is back at it with a new visual. Marian Mereba's video for her eased out single, September recently dropped and it's just as engaging as the song itself. Marian plays the girlfriend of a guy who takes part in an armed robbery... she assists. The video is super dope because it chronicles their crime and her coping with it, but it does so in reverse.

After fleeing the scene of the robbery, Marian takes off on a getaway with her gypsy friends. The crew relax and enjoy great vibes around a campfire all while Marian tries to forget the past events.Ultimately you see how her character really didn't wish to commit any crime, but was persuaded by the man she loved.

No matter what the scenario for the video, the song is so dope and SO Marian that it really steals the show. Ladies, how many times have you identified with this lyric,

"You're gonna remember the loyal, the royal, Queen.."

*stands up and slow claps for Marian*

I love this girl. Everything about her is original and authentic.. and she makes great music. Get into how she ends this record. She smooths it out and gives us a better glimpse of the fun fact that this chic can really serenade at will. 

Check out the full video below directed by Nate Edwards, and get September now on iTunes!

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  1. kay u always sharing new artist with me. thats one of my favorite things about your blog. i really like her.