Sunday, May 18, 2014

Watch: Jay Z & Beyonce's New Action Packed Movie Trailer- "Run"

Jay Z and Beyonce have played on this Bonnie and Clyde theme since the moment they let the public into their relationship over 10 yrs ago. From the looks of things, they're still riding out together.  Just before the two set off for their "On the Run" tour, they've released an action packed movie trailer for their film, Run.

The Carters went all out with this. Securing the likes of A list actors and showing off their own acting skills, Jay and Bey really give you hit movie trailer tease. You get to see some really cute & some very steamy moments between them. There is also all of the action packed scenary of a true gangsta movie jammed into the three minute clip.

Fans may be really excited to watch this movie right up until the last second of this trailer. What to do with these two?


  1. Kay they really taking this B&C thing to the limit. They cute tho.

  2. See this is why I can't sleep! How they gonna just drop this in the middle of the night?